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Catan Relief atau Arca Relief?

Catan Relief atau Arca Relief?

Di bawah ini, merupakan petikan penulisan mengenai Catan Relief dari sumber http://www.toutfait.com/issues/volume2/issue_5/artandliterature/krank/krank.html

It seemed natural to offer this advancement to the Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 (Fig. 1) by Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp’s Nude had been created to show the dynamic motion of a young lady as she descended the stairs, but the painting remained on a flat surface, the woman described in mostly hard, angular lines. I wanted to take the figure and allow her to emerge as a three-dimensional woman while keeping the intensity and power of her movements. I wanted to combine those hard, angular lines with the organic feel that Duchamp only suggests. To keep the feeling of the force of her body as she moved downward, I needed her to be big–nearly nine feet tall.

I named her Nude Redescending a Staircase (Fig. 2). She begins at a physical distance, the forms in the upper left corner of the work extending only about an inch off the surface. Then, as she descends (or redescends) she gradually increases into the viewers space coming forward a full 22 inches. The oblique angles allow her to have an abstracted actual figure with illusions of light moving and playing across her form. Each individual piece is slightly rounded. Even the hardest edges have a gentleness about them thanks to the cotton ground.

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Figure 2
Sarah C. Krank, Nude Redescending a Staircase


Kalau tak faham, cikgu cerita sikit. Karya di atas adalah penghasilan semula karya daripada karya artis terkenal Marcel Duchamp (gambar di bawah). Karya catan yang bertajuk 'Nude Descending A Staircase No. 2' telah diolah semula oleh Sarah C. Krank dengan mengaplikasi teknik relief atau timbulan dalam karya dan terhasillah karya seperti di atas bertajuk 'Nude Redescending A Staircase'.

Ini pula definisi untuk basso-relief (low relief/relif rendah)

A French term from the Italian basso-relievo ("low relief"), bas relief is a sculpture technique in which figures and/or other design elements are just barely more prominent than the (overall flat) background.

Bas relief is created either by carving away material (wood, stone, ivory, jade, etc.) or adding material to the top of an otherwise smooth surface (say, strips of clay to stone). This is a technique as old as humankind's artistic explorations, and is closely related to high relief.

pautan untuk penerangan sejarah dan jenis-jenis relief yang lengkap http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Relief_(sculpture)

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